Migrantes Neotropicales y Otros, Maria Ezcurra in OBORO, 2021(Video)

Migrantes Neotropicales y Otros, Maria Ezcurra | OBORO, 2021 (Fotos)

En passant, encore, ATSA - Parcours d'installations et d'expositions à ciel ouvert, 2021

Under the Southern Stars by Te Tuhi - Issuu, 2021

Girlhood Studies Podcast: Maria Ezcurra: Culture of Mending, 2020

Vie des arts (April 2020), Pour mes camarades et moi : Un dos tres por mí y mis compañeras, by Camille Bédard.

Vues transversales : María Ezcurra | Mémoires des Montréalais (, 2020

Un dos tres por mí y mis compañeras, Optica, 2020

Maria Ezcurra – Re-imagine, 2020

In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site - Visual Arts Centre, 2019

Maria Ezcurra: winner of the Conseil des arts de Montréal’s Cultural Diversity in Visual Arts Award (, 2019

MAC Invisible: Accueil – MAC Montréal (, 2019

Tension 3D: Exposition Présence | Décloisonner le regard (, 2019

Maria Ezcurra, Éveiller les consciences(La Presse):, 2019

Synapse, or how we make accidental connections (Feb, 2019), by Andrée Lessard, Convergence―Perceptions of Neuroscience.

Invisible @ TeTuhi, 2018

Maria Ezcurra in Auckland – EyeContact (, 2018

“Objetos personales”: la estética de la inmigración en el Museo de Bellas Artes de Montreal – RCI | Español (, 2018

Intervals Collective:

Maria Ezcurra - ArtistsInspire Grants

P. Lantz Initiative for Excellence in Education and the Arts, Faculty of Education, McGill University

Maria Ezcurra en Wikipedia:

The Threads, Trends and Threats of the Wedding Dress: A Collaborative, Studio-based Dissertation.Ezcurra Lucotti, Maria (2016). PhD Thesis, Concordia University:

Maria Ezcurra on the Everyday Life and Comic Relief, by Dominique Fontaine (2016):

Refusing Silence. Articule Presents Pinned Down by Maria Ezcurra (2015):

Taking Action to Commit to Memory: (Another) Day of the Dead, by Megan Mericle (2015): Maria Ezcurra | articule

6 Picks for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche (2014):

How do you make a three-storey-tall sculpture out of clothes, for Nuit Blanche? (2014):

Abstraction in Action:


Museo de Mujeres Artistas Mexicanas:

International Museum of Women:

María Ezcurra | ArtNexus, 2008



Migrantes Neotropicales y Otros, Maria Ezcurra in OBORO, 2021

Vues transversales : María Ezcurra, Centre d'histoire de Montréal: Memoires del Montrealais, 2020

Tension, Maria Ezcurra’s exhibition @ LA CENTRALE galerie Powerhouse, 2020

Studio Critique: Cecilia Fajardo-Hill with Maria Ezcurra - YouTube, 2021

Entretien avec Maria Ezcurra | Vidéos | La Fabrique culturelle, 2016

Reflections, 2016

Red Roots/Green Lands, DHC/ART, 2016

Domestic Affairs, Espacio México, Montreal, Canada. 2011

The Butterfly Effect, 2011

Parasites, Art Souterrain 2012, Nuit Blanche

Striped Green and Brown Shirt, 2008



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