Pinned down

2015, Articule, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Pins, metal, wood and black ribbon

Pinned Down (or How to keep hiding thousands of needles in a haystack) is a participatory piece made up of 100,000 pins piled on a map of Mexico. It represents the number of people killed in this country during the last decade in the name of the so-called "Drugs War," pointing in particular to the massacre of the 43 rural teachers of Ayotzinapa, Iguala. The piece attempts to materialize a number so large that it ends up dehumanizing death, inviting us to reflect on the responsibility we all have – as individuals and society – in this crisis, and the growing violence in Mexico.

Refusing Silence. Articule Presents Pinned Down by Maria Ezcurra
Taking Action to Commit to Memory: (Another) Day of the Dead, by Megan Mericle