2019, Installation: Nylon stockings and stones
Gallery of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Cultural Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Photos: Freddy Arciniegas

Synapse in French and English (or sinapsis in Spanish and its Latin origin) means conjunction. This word is commonly used to refer to the point of contact between two nerve cells in the brain.

This in-situ textile installation highlights stories structured by the memories, experiences, and places that shape us. The installation, composed of stockings joined together and stretched in space, unfolds organically, reconsidering the tension between our bodies, territories and borders.

Synapse explores and reflects on the notion of connections: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, and spatial links. Personal, social and cultural unions. Historical, geographical, political and environmental alliances. Conjunctions of the body with the place where it dwells. Connections with self and others and with our community.

La Presse (2019), por Éric Clément: Maria Ezcurra, Éveillerles consciences
Convergence Initiative (2019), por Andrée Lessard: Sinapsis, o cómo hacemos conexiones accidentales / Synapse, or how we make accidental connections
Synapse, or how we make accidental connections (Feb, 2019), por Andrée Lessard, Convergence―Perceptions of Neuroscience.